The empirical process of Scrum calls to three pillars – Transparency, Inspection, and Adaption. Maintaining each of these pillars takes an effort that comes from the human side of Scrum the people, the individuals. Sometimes finding out you need to make adaptions feels like an ‘ouchy’ Many people will say isn’t scrum a team sport – The answer to that is a rousing yes. Each team is a tapestry of collaboration because every individual brings their skills and depth of experience to the team table.

But what do we do as a team member we get feedback that places a demand on who we are as a person? What do you do when you have to adapt to ensure that the symphony of collaboration doesn’t lose its melody?

The challenge of executing Scrum with its heart intact will demand that we continuously reflect on ourselves, it demands that we allow others to inspect our actions. It means we have allowed ourselves to be vulnerable. Some images pop into our heads with the use of the word vulnerability, and the associated pictures are not necessarily positive.

Let me ask us this question are adaptions necessary, are adaptations something that fosters the achievement of continued value? The truth is to be constantly iterative and incremental; we have to become open to adjustments regardless of how much they may stretch us or cause the ‘ouchy’.

I struggle with this every day because I am in lots of teams. The team of parenting, the team of marriage, the team of coaches..the lists could go on. We are all part of several teams, and they are demanding that we become dynamic and adapt because everyone does not think and process their environment the way we do.

The question left is, will we? The initial adaptation may still be off key, but the willingness to keep adapting and fine tuning our collaborative behavior for our teams will allow us all to experience the music of synergy. There is great value in that.

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